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Back at the car park at Kong studios Russel had just helped Murdoc to get up on his legs and dragged him to the car. They needed to get to the airport and get Noodle back. Russel had even tried to make Murdoc drop the damn frying pan he had swing around with after poor Cortez. Russel was so damn tired of this all. He gave the bassist a slap across the face to make him stop acting like a moron. Murdoc had just shook his head a little before he started chuckle and talk a lot of crap again. Russel sighed and grabbed the car keys from Murdoc's Winnebago and unlocked the bassist's new car. Russel blinked at the bassist who only chuckled.

Russel: Who will drive?

Murdoc: …*hick*

Russel: Stupid question… Get in!

Murdoc: Just make sure to kill us on the way Russ.

Russel: Shut up! Just get into the damn car!

Murdoc and Russel got into the car and put on the safety belt. Murdoc had brought a can of beer with him and opened it while Russel drove away from Kong studios. Russel glared at Murdoc in anger as Murdoc sipped in the beer.

Russel: Crap man! Haven't you had enough already!? Are you going to kill yourself!?

Murdoc: You r-read my *hick* mind…

Russel: God I hope we get there in time…

Russel drove like crazy to the air port hoping that they would get there in time while Murdoc played with the empty beer bottle as if it was a space ship. Russel glared at him and shook his head. How could this happen!? Murdoc kept playing and laughing as Russel felt the stress flew around his body with high speed. After what felt like a lifetime but sure wasn't longer than an hour the two band members finally reached the air port. Russel had got out in high speed and dragged the bassist after him after he had locked the car. Murdoc didn't care if he was dragged around, he was too drunk to even care. Russel rushed up to the desk and gasped for air as he held his finger up in the air. The girl behind the desk flinched and looked at the two band members in front of her with worried eyes. Russel tried to calm down and looked up at her.

Woman: C-can I help you sir?

Russel: Excuse me miss. But when is the last flight to Paris!?

Woman: I'm sorry sir. But that flight went for over 2 hours ago.

Russel: WHAT!?

Woman: The next won't be until in the morning. I think it's around 07:30.

Russel: Damn! We have to get there by now!

Russel walked back and forth rubbing his head at the same time. Murdoc just stood there and glared at him with half open eyes. Russel glared at him in anger and grabbed his shoulders.

Russel: How the hell can you be so calm man!?

Murdoc: H-Hey Russ… You can calm down.

Russel: CALM DOWN!? How the hell can I calm down now!?

Murdoc: You don't have to *hick* worry… I have e-everything under control…

Russel: How the hell is that!?

Murdoc smirked and walked up to the desk. He handed the woman some kind of paper and she read it carefully. She then nodded and called for some other personal. A man walked up to them and then showed them out to the airstrip. Russel didn't understand at all of what Murdoc had planned but when the man showed them a private plane he gasped. Murdoc smirked at the drummer and hiccupped again. Russel pointed at the plane and then at the bassist. He couldn't get out a word.

Russel: What did you… How did you!?

Murdoc: Russ! This is our private jet plane hehe…

Russel: Wh-What!? Since when did we get our own plane!

Murdoc: I bought it before.

Russel: How the fucking hell did you-

Murdoc: I-I don't remember… I must have been drunk or something when I bought it.

Russel: It wouldn't surprise me at all man…

Murdoc: A-anyway… Now we can *hick* g-go to France and get Noodle…

Russel: Umm Muds…

Murdoc: Yeah?

Russel: Ya know how to fly this thing?

Murdoc: Oh… ehh… No…

Noodle arrived early in the morning at an airport in Paris. She grabbed her things and went off the flight. She looked around the airport as she came around it. She didn't know what to do at first. She didn't have a map or anything else. She wondered if she should find somewhere to get a map or something. Noodle couldn't find any place to get a map so she decided to keep going by herself. She grabbed her backpack and fished up the magazine. She looked at the pages and tried to figure out where she could find the model studio. Noodle took a better grip of her backpack and walked out of the airport and went into the town. She hoped that she would find 2D today so she wouldn't walk around the street like an idiot. Noodle walked pass the streets in hope that she could find anything soon. After a few hours she had walked around through the streets crazy without any good result. Noodle was just about to give up she heard her stomach start to growl. She remembered that she hadn't eaten anything since yesterday. She sighed and rested her back against a wall. People walked pass her without paying her attention. Noodle still had her ski cap over her head so people wouldn't recognize her. She wasn't sure if anyone in France did recognize her at all but that didn't matter. Noodle sighed and looked around the big street she was on. It was many buildings and houses all around the place and Noodle felt completely lost but she wasn't scared at all. She just grew irritated and disappointed. She couldn't ask for help either. She couldn't speak French and she wasn't sure if people would like to speak English here. Some people who walked by looked at her but she didn't care. Noodle was just about to keep going when her eyes fell on a large clothes store nearby. Noodle couldn't believe her eyes as she saw a large poster on the glass window and on the poster was 2D and the other girls. Noodle quickly ran into the store and saw some more posters. Noodle looked at the poster for a long time, she wasn't interested at the clothes. Noodle jumped as she felt a light tap on her shoulder. She spanned around and saw a sweet looking woman standing in front of her. Noodle figured out that the woman must be working at the store. Noodle went nervous since she couldn't speak French. She hoped that this woman was in the mood to speak English. Noodle saw a little identity tag on the woman's shirt that said "Laure".

Laure: Bonjour.

Noodle: Umm. I cannot speak French…

Laure: Oh I see. You are a tourist?

Noodle: Kind of…

Laure: Do you want help?

Noodle: Can you help with something special?

Laure: *smiles* I can try.

Noodle: Do you know where that guy on the picture is?

Laure: Umm. Zat was a strange question. Well we buy zee posters from a very well known fashion collection.

Noodle: Do you know what that place is?

Laure: Of course I know. Do you need an address little girl?

Noodle: *nods* Yes! That would be so nice of you.

Laure smiled and walked over to the desk. She took out a notebook and a pen and wrote down an address in it and then ripped out the page and gave it to Noodle with a smiled.
Noodle smiled widely and took the note.

Noodle: Domo aritgato! Um thank you very much.

Laure: Aucun Probléme. Good luck little girl. Where are you going?

Noodle: I'm going to find my big brother.

Laure: Oh good luck.

Noodle: Thank you! Bye bye!

Noodle smiled and ran out of the store. She smiled and read the address at the note carefully. Now it wouldn't take long before she would meet 2D again.

After a long time of gagging and fighting the drummer and the bassist had finally made their way to Paris. Russel discovered a new talent of his own. He could fly a plane. Murdoc had just rested the whole bloody trip through the air without disturbing the drummer at all. Russel just wanted to get there and make sure that Noodle was okay. There was lot of people that could trick her or kidnap her. Russel then shook his head in anger. Noodle was too smart to even fall for any stupid tricks and let any strangers drag her with them. After a long while they finally arrived. Murdoc and Russel were both tired as hell and both of them needed a good stretch to make sure that they still could feel their legs. Murdoc had the worst hangover ever after all that crap he had been drinking and he was sure that his liver was rotten by now. Russel sighed and Murdoc groaned deeply. They both looked around the airport they had arrived on and they were ready to do a quick check up before they went anywhere. After a while as the airports personal had checked the two new people and made sure that they weren't dangerous or too strange they could keep going. Russel dragged the bassist after him as they walked down the streets. Russel just wanted to find the little girl before something very bad happened. Russel asked lot of people if they had seen her. Most of the people didn't answer and others recognized them and begged for autographs. Russel and Murdoc looked around for a long time without any good results. Murdoc didn't care about anything and Russel started to lose his patience. Murdoc wanted to get back to the plane and go home but Russel stopped him.

Russel: Listen here! We ain't going anywhere until we have find Noodle!

Murdoc: *groans* Fine…

Russel: Remember! We just keep on looking like normal people. The last thing we want is too much attention!

Murdoc: *shrugs*

Russel rolled his eyes and stopped a woman who passed by. She blinked as he showed her a picture of Noodle.

Russel: Excuse me miss. But we aren't from here and we are looking for our friend. Have you seen this girl?

Woman: Oh I have seen zat girl before.

Russel. You have!?

Woman: Oui!  She is from zee Gorillaz no?

Russel: *groans* Yes… But have you seen her here?

Woman: No. I'm sorry.

Russel: Okay, but thanks anyway.

Russel stopped another person and asked the same question. He got the same answer and he groaned just like before. He couldn't stand it. He couldn't understand how 2D could live with those French accents and all this other stuff. Where the heck could Noodle be? Russel kept thinking and was totally spaced out for a moment. Suddenly without warning he snapped out of his thoughts as a high ear bleeding sound went through the whole air stopping people all around the place and made them staring at the two bandmembers in front of them.


Russel saw the bassist standing and yelling like crazy in a megaphone. Where the hell did he got that thing from he thought. Russel ran up to Murdoc before he could yell again. He lowered the megaphone and glared at the bassist.

Russel: Just what the hell are you doing man!? I told you the last thing we wanted was attention!

Murdoc: What's wrong with you? I'm just doing like you. Looking for Noodle.

Russel: That doesn't matter! What the hell is that thing anyway!?

Murdoc: Don't you see? It's the megaphone that 2D used in "Feel good inc".

Russel: Yeah but… I see that but were the hell did you find it!?

Murdoc: In the plane. I must have put it there for some reason…

Russel: Whatever! Get rid of that thing!

Murdoc: *points the megaphone in Russel's face and speak in a very low voice* No…

Russel: *grabs the megaphone* Stop playing around!

Murdoc: Whatever…let's face it. We will never find her.

Russel: Of course we will! She came here to search for D. But where the hell should we start looking!?

Murdoc: How about over there…

Murdoc pointed at a store with posters of 2D in the glass windows.  It was the same store that Noodle had been in before. Russel and Murdoc went into the store and looked around. They weren't sure if they should find Noodle in there but they had the feeling that they could get some information in here. Laure was still working and suddenly noticed them. She smiled and walked up to them. She then saw that they were from the Gorillaz and she couldn't help herself and clap her hands together in joy. Murdoc and Russel blinked as they saw the happy woman in front of them.

Laure: You are zee Gorillaz right?

Murdoc: Sure we are.

Laure: I love your music! It's amazing!

Murdoc: Thanks.

Russel: Um excuse us for asking, but have you seen this girl?

Russel showed her a picture of Noodle and Laure looked at it for a long time. She noticed that it was their guitarist and said so. Russel and Murdoc was near to give up until Laure told them that she had seen a girl in the store before that had been asking for an address. Russel and Murdoc stared at her with wide eyes.  

Russel: How did the girl look like!? Did she look like this? Was it Noodle?

Laure: It was hard to see. She had a ski cap over her head so it wasn't so easy.

Murdoc: Okay…

Laure: But she looked for zat blue haired guy on zee poster. She said zat it was her brother.

Russel & Murdoc: That's Noodle!

Laure: Oh! You want zee address to where she was going?

Russel: Yes!

Laure wrote down the same address as before and handed it to them. The two of them gave her some autographs in return. Laure ran to the phone and called her friend to tell her what great thing just had happen. Murdoc and Russel were now ready to seek up this model studio.

Chapter 21!
Yippi! Soon they will find 2D! Not many chapters left now^^ Anyway. Enjoy it so far... Hope you like it.



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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