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2D woke up early the next morning all tired without any sleep at all. He hadn't got much sleep at all since he read the message he got from Noodle the last night. He groaned as he rubbed his hair and forced himself out of the bed. He was going to take photos for the new collection today. The blue haired singer didn't felt for it at all. 2D went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. After that he watched himself in the mirror for a while. He didn't bother that much of his reflection like the girls always did. They went crazy if they discovery a pimple or that their makeup were messed up. 2D shrugged and then got dressed. He didn't care about eating breakfast and instead walked out on the balcony. He stared out over the town and sighed. He thought about Noodle's message again. She seemed to miss him very much. 2D felt bad for leaving her without even say good bye. Noodle was like his little sister after all. But yet the singer couldn't go back. He had been gone for a long while and if he had made it that far he could at least make it to stay away until he was done with this model crap. Later both 2D and the French model girls were getting ready for the next shot. They had changed to the clothes they would wear and there was people walking around them fixing their makeup, clothes and hairstyle. 2D didn't want them to mess up his hair. He wanted to keep it spiky as it always had been. No one seemed to have a problem with that and they let the singer keep it how he wanted it. Some of the girls yelled out for more makeup and one of them complained that the dressed she wore was too big. 2D sighed and hoped that this day would be over soon. The photographer told them all to get ready. 2D stood in the middle with two girls around him. They made posing and expression that was perfect for the magazine. One of the girls pressed herself against 2D and looked like as if she were extremely pleased. 2D laid an arm around her waist and acted like he liked it. Many pictures were taken and soon it was finally over. 2D hated the heat from the up lighters. The girls walked away for a break and 2D pulled off the hat he was wearing. He used it as a sun feather to get rid of the heat. A woman walked up to him and smiled with her pink painted lips. She had tied up brown hair and wore a white shirt with a black jacket over it. She also had black pants and high heeled black shoes that matched her whole outfit. Her name was Amélie and she was the one who informed the models about time and next collections and other important things. He had a map in her hand full of paper work and schedules. 2D groaned a little as he heard her French accent.

Amélie: Wonderful misour Tusspot.

2D: Thank you…

Amélie: You got one very beautiful face. We have our next shot in five minutes. Make sure to be ready.

2D: Sure…

2D walked over to one of the tables near the cameras. There were water bottles and some energy bars placed on it for the models if they got thirsty or hungry. 2D grabbed a bottle and opened it. He sipped in the cold water and then sighed in relief. It was so bloody hot in this place. One of the model girls walked up to him and grabbed a bottle herself. She smiled and took a sip. 2D shrugged and looked around a little. He wondered for how long he would keep doing this anyway. The girl who stood beside him was named Anne. She had short blonde hair and blue eyes. Her body was just like the other models. All thin. She almost didn't have any boobs. 2D shook his head as he thought about that. He didn't care how the models look like. He had been working with them for a long while and should have got used to them by now. Anne smiled and stroked his hair. 2D flinched as he felt it. He sighed as she started talking with her French accent.

Anne: Mon Dieu! How do you get your hair so pretty? Is it a very special hairstyle?

2D: *Shook his head* No. It's just this way. It's… Um… kinda natural.

Anne: Oh. I wish zat my hair could keep being natural like zis.

2D looked at Anne's styled hair. It was all flatted and styled in a very nice way. She had a long side fringe that covered her left eye and a nice hair clip. 2D nodded and took another sip of his water. Anne placed down her bottle on the table and looked at the other models nearby. One of them had long flatted brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her name was Claudine and she used to take many pictures with 2D. Anne went closer to 2D's ear and whispered in a mocking tone. Her warm breath and French accent tickled and teased his ear.

Anne: I believe zat Claudine has put on some weight. Looks like she cannot learn to eat healthy food.

2D: …

Anne: I believe zat she will be out of here by any minute. She is not zee one who is lucky around here.

2D: I don't know…

Anne: But you are not zee same. You will go far.

Anne smiled and walked away. 2D sighed and placed down his bottle on the table. He was so tired of this. He was sick of hearing the girls running around and talking behind the backs of each other. He had even heard them talking about him behind his back before. That hadn't hurt him at all. He was kind of used to get insult anyway. He knew that all the girls around here talked bad about each other to make themselves feel better. 2D lifted up his head and saw Amélie wave her hand to him and the other models. It was time for the next shot. 2D groaned as he walked into the heat again and the girls shouted about makeup. The girls made their poses and so did 2D. He was glad that he could act since he really had to hide the irritation inside him.

After a long for moon with the pictures and all make up and running the models could enjoy an hour for lunch. Some of the girls hardly enjoyed a salad or only an energy bar. 2D couldn't understand how the girls could be so afraid of food. He had even seen lot of the skinniest girls sneak into the bathroom to eat diet pills. 2D couldn't understand why they did so since they didn't have to lose any weight at all. Actually they should get some instead. 2D didn't felt like eating together with the girls. Instead he walked to his room near the photo studio. The models had their own special room that they could be in to get ready for the next shot or stand. He wasn't hungry either. He looked at his plate for awhile before he threw it into the trashcan. He thought back at the massage he got from Noodle. She seemed to miss him, just as much as he missed her and the others. He looked himself in the mirror and sighed. Why couldn't he just go back? He wanted to but he couldn't. Why had this whole thing happen? He couldn't stand it anymore. He missed England and Kong studios. He missed everything. But he just couldn't go back. 2D got up from his seat and walked out from room. He was on his way down the corridor when he passed by some of the models that sat in a couch nearby. 2D stopped and his behind the wall as he heard them talk about others models and even himself. He heard one of the girls that were named Dorothee talk about him. Their French accent rang in his ears.

Dorothee: I must say. He is pretty cute but he must be zee dumbest man on earth.

Anne: Yeah. But have you heard him singing? Zat is so good!

Dorothee: I know. He fits as a singer. But for zis job… I don't zink so…

Anne: And his style. He really should zink about getting a styler.

Dorothee: Indeed. He is too skinny for zis job. I could use him as a coat hanger.

Anne: I know.

2D glared at them and walked away. He was so bloody tired of all this gossip. Why was everyone here so bloody mean? He wasn't looking towards the next thing he should be modeling for. He remembered that Amélie told him that he and Claudine should be modeling for a new collection of underwear. He wasn't looking towards it at all. After a while Ameile called both 2D and Claudine to change and get ready for the next shot. 2D and Claudine changed into the new underwear and did poses in front of the camera. They had a nice white background behind them and the camera man wanted them to get closer to each other. They kept on doing poses and it somehow felt that they were doing "love" poses. The camera team put in some effects to make the pictures better. They blow some air in front of 2D and Claudine with a big blower fan and lighted up the background with stronger up lighters. Claudine and 2D went closer to each other and did a few poses as the camera man took a lot of pictures. After at least 2 hours it was over. 2D felt it had last forever. Claudine smiled at 2D and put her hands on her hips.

Claudine: Wonderful Stuart. I must say zat you look wonderful in zose underwear.

2D: Fank you…

Claudine: I'm glad I could take zee pictures with you alone.

2D: Huh?

Claudine: I look towards to see zee results later. Bye Stuart.

Claudine smiled and walked away in the red and black underwear. She walked back to her own dressing room and left the singer alone. 2D looked down on his half naked body and blinked. He then sighed and walked to his own dressing room. He changed back to his own clothes. He had his T-virus t-shirt and blue jeans. He wanted to feel a little more like himself again. He had to admit that he was tired as hell of all this. 2D looked at his timetable and sighed in relief. He didn't have anything more to do for the rest of the afternoon. He went back to the models house and went up to his own apartment. It felt good to be alone and relax for a bit. 2D walked through the white painted rooms and into his bedroom. He threw himself on the bed and took a deep breath. People who thought that model jobs were easy could think again. It really took on his energy just to take the pictures. It wasn't just to stand still and get pictures. Sometimes you had to do it all over again because you moved or that something wasn't just right. Even sometimes the makeup people had to walk up to you and fix your make up or your hair.  Anyway, it was too much for the blue haired singer. 2D turned his face to his cell phone that laid on the night table next to the bed. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the phone. He didn't saw any new massage or calls. He sighed and looked at the phone again. Should he call the others? 2D was just about to type in Noodle's number just as there was a knock on his door. He put the phone aside and jumped off the bed. He slowly walked up to the door and opened it. He saw Amelie standing in front of him smiling with her papers in her arms. 2D blinked confused and looked at some papers she gave him.

Amélie: Zee pictures are done. Tell me what you zink.

2D looked at some of the pictures he had been taking today with the girls. They didn't make him feel happy or anything. He just gave her a fake smiled and told her they looked fine. Amelie smiled with her pink painted lips. She nodded and walked away again. 2D rested himself against the door as he closed it behind him. Why did he even do this? He didn't mean to sink down in a depression but this place defiantly didn't make him happy at all. He knew that the music was his right place. He walked out on the balcony and looked out over the whole city. It was a rather nice view. He looked back inside at the night table. The cell phone kept lying on its place and didn't give any sight of a call or massage. 2D still wondered if he should call the others. He then quickly shook his head and tried to think about something else. He knew that the pictures he had taken today would be shown in some magazines and posters in a few days or so. The singer dug into his pocket and found his pack of cigarettes. He stuck one between his lips and lighted it. He inhaled the smoke from it and then blew it out in the air. 2D stared up in the sky for a while and relaxed. He stuck his hands in his pockets and rested himself against the wall. He then felt something in his pocket. It was something small and seemed to be weird shaped. He took up his hand and opened it slowly. His eyes widened as he saw a red cherry hairclip in his hand. It was Noodle's. He remembered it from their tour when Noodle put it into his hair to help him keep it out of his face. He clenched his fist hard and let a few tears run down his cheek. He wondered what the others did right now.

5 days later at Kong studios*

It was a foggy morning over the grey building at the graveyard hill. Russel had just woke Noodle who had fallen asleep in 2D's room again. Russel hated to see the poor girl suffer like this. Soon he couldn't stand it himself either. He missed the blue haired too. He missed the tall thin man who always cheered everyone up in his own way. Russel had picked Noodle up in his arms and carried her into the kitchen. Noodle had grabbed 2D's pillow that had been left on the bed since he left the place. Noodle refused to let go of it. Russel sat down the yawning girl on a chair by the table and made her some toast and tea. Noodle didn't touch it at all. Russel sighed and patted her head slowly. Noodle looked up at him with sad eyes. The drummer sat down next to her and let her rest herself against him. Noodle sobbed and hugged the pillow harder.

Noodle: I-I can't stop thinking about 2D-kun.

Russel: It's okay baby girl… But remember that he's not dead.

Noodle: I know that… But sometimes it feels like that…

Russel: Take it easy Noods. It'll be fine.

Russel gave her a hug and rose up from the chair. He started to make breakfast for himself and Murdoc, if the bassist even showed up of course. Russel had put the bands mail on the table, it wasn't the fan mail. The fan mails were put in another special mailbox for them and they always read them together or took their own mail into their rooms. This mail was the normal mail like bills, family letters or news papers. Neither Russel nor Noodle had checked through them. Noodle kept sighing and resting herself against the table. Russel gave her a sad look before he continued cooking. Suddenly Murdoc stumbled into the kitchen and Russel and Noodle looked at him. Murdoc glared back at them and mumbled something strange. He walked up to the fridge and grabbed a beer bottle. Russel glared at him like if the bassist was the biggest idiot on earth. Murdoc opened the bottle and took a sip of the bitter liquid.

Russel: Why do you drink that crap for breakfast?

Murdoc: Because I feel for it…

Russel: You know… I know that you are very depressed because D left, but you really need to take care of yourself then making yourself one step closer to the grave…

Murdoc: I don't care! Mind your own bloody business!

Russel: *shrugs* Do as ya wish then.

Murdoc glared at the mail that lay on the table. He walked up to it and went through them. Noodle looked up at the bassist with wide eyes. Murdoc looked at her and took another sip of his beer.

Murdoc: What is it?

Noodle: Is it something from 2D-kun?

Murdoc: No.

Noodle: *Looks down*

Murdoc kept looking through the mail without a word. He only found bills and other stupid stuff he didn't wanted. He also found some newspaper and also a magazine. Murdoc flinched when he saw that it was a magazine from France. It was from the collection that 2D worked for. Murdoc didn't show the others at first. Noodle only sat on her chair and sighed deeply and Russel was too busy with cooking. Murdoc carefully checked through the magazine slowly and saw pictures of 2D. He had different outfits that actually fit him. Murdoc frowned and changed page with a quick move. The bassist suddenly flinched and yelled out in anger as he saw the next picture. It was the pictures 2D had been taken with Claudine, the one with the underwear. One of the best pictures 2D and Claudine had been taken was one when Claudine made a sexy pose and 2D hugged her from behind. Noodle jumped in shock and fell off her chair. Russel flinched in shock as well and almost dropped the frying pan he was holding. The drummer and the guitarist stared at the bassist who growled in anger and clenched his fists hard together making the magazine balled. Noodle blinked confused and Russel raised an eyebrow.

Russel: What the hell man. What's wrong?

Murdoc: *growls in anger*

Noodle: Murdoc-san?

Murdoc ripped out the page and started to rip it into pieces. Noodle and Russel looked at each other and then back to the bassist. Murdoc kept ripping it into smaller pieces and then stuck it into his mouth. Russel and Noodle went all confused about how Murdoc acted. Murdoc chewed the paper pieces hard and then without warning spit them out on the floor. Russel glared at Murdoc in irritation as the bassist wiped off his mouth.

Russel: What the hell was that for?

Murdoc: That bloody page was unnecessary! If you excuse me, I will be in my Winnebago…

Murdoc stomped out of the kitchen without a word. Russel blinked slowly and turned to Noodle who had picked up the magazine. She looked through it and saw the rest of the pictures. She didn't say anything at all. Russel sighed as he saw her sad expression. He hoped that things soon would work out before he lost his own mind.

Chapter 19 <3 This story is starting to reach it's goal^^
Anyway, enjoy the chapter <3 even if it isn't good try to enjoy. 2D can see that the model life is very hard... Just so you all know. I don't have anything against France! And about the weird spelling is because I read that that is how you can spell a french accent. Whatever. don't complain about that please. I fix spelling problems later ok^^



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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