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How long had it been? Three months? Three, almost four months since 2D left Kong studios. The whole place wasn't the same at all without the blue haired singer. He was a part of the place. He was a part of the band. He was a big part of their FAMILY. None of the band members had the feeling to do anything. Noodle had spent the most of her time by looking out through the window like a puppy that waited for its owner to come home and play with it. She had waited like crazy for several hours every day for the singer to come back. Sometimes when she wasn't looking through the window every fifth minute she used to walk into the singer room and lay down on his bed. She used to fall asleep there and later the drummer had to come and pick her up and carry her back to her own room. Russel felt horrible to see the poor girl suffer like that. He had tried his best to make Noodle feel better. He always used to walk up to her and ask her how she felt and suggested different things they could do together. Last week she had been sitting on the floor in the lobby in front of the door for almost 6 hours without moving. Russel had walked up to her and tapped her shoulder.

Russel: Hey baby girl. Don't you wanna play some video games?

Noodle: *shook's her head* no…

Russel: I know! Why won't we drive into the town and try out that new sushi bar.

Noodle: Not hungry…

Russel: Noodle. I'm sorry to tell you this. But he has been gone for a long time and I don't think he's coming back.

Noodle: *Jumps up and glares at him in anger* HE IS COMING BACK! HE WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE! WE ARE A FAMILY!

With that she had ran away to her room and locked the door. Russel had solaced her when she felt very bad and down. He could understand how she felt. He missed their singer too. The band hadn't done much at all in a while. No concert or shows. No playing or anything. Neither Russel nor Noodle had spoke to Murdoc for almost 2 months. After 2D left the bassist had locked himself up in his Winnebago and had stayed there for most of the time. The band had got the information where their singer was now. 2D had gone to France and had got the job as a model there. 2D had talked about that he wanted to be a model or an actor once. None of the three could understand why he wanted that but he seem to have successes. The band had found 2D's picture's in magazines and even on some stupid publicity for branded clothes. They had seen that already a mouth after 2D left. It seemed to go on well for their blue haired friend. When Murdoc had seen the first magazines he had ripped them in pieces and then burned them up. Noodle and Russel only sighed when the bassist go all crazy like hell. After that Murdoc locked himself up in his Winnebago and didn't come out. He drank and smoked like never before. He told himself that he was celebrating that he had got rid of the twerp. But he was actually mad at himself for letting the singer had gone so easy. It was now an afternoon around the grey building that now seemed even more desperate then before. Noodle and Russel walked down the stairs to the car park to see how Murdoc was doing. They hadn't seen him in a long while. They were lucky today, Murdoc hadn't locked his door. Russel opened the door to the Winnebago and let Noodle jump in first.

Noodle: Murdoc-san! Me and Russel-sama wondered if you-

Noodle went all silent when she felt a horrible smell. She sniffed and felt a disgusting feeling in her stomach. Russel could feel it too and looked around.

Noodle: Puueeww! What is that horrible smell!

Russel: Oh man! It smells like something died in here.

Murdoc: Yes… My career…

Noodle and Russel blinked and turned to see where the voice came from. The whole Winnebago looked like a junkyard. There were empty cans and bottles everywhere and most of the floor was covered in dirty clothes and other garbage. Noodle's and Russel's eyes fell on the couch were the bassist sat all drunk and half naked. He had some old unzipped jeans on him and held a half empty beer bottle in his right hand. He raised the bottle just like if he wassails. Russel sighed and shook his head slowly and Noodle slowly kicked some of the bottles and clothes out of her way. The bassist drank up the last liquid in the bottle and groaned. He shook the bottle a little to make sure that it was empty. Then he threw it right into the wall which made it brake into splinters. Russel glared at Murdoc who only chuckled back.

Murdoc: Isn't this just great!? Eh?

Russel: Look man! I know it's hard that D left. But you really gotta do something with your life.

Murdoc: WHAT LIFE? The music IS my life!

Russel: I know that…

Murdoc: *chuckles* Hehe… My singer just left! Just like all other of my other bands. Just
when you're on top *hick* Every…Everything just f-falls down!

Russel: Easy there man.

Murdoc: He just left to go to the land of gayness! France… FRANCE! Just to become a model. A BLOODY MODEL!

Russel: *sighs*

Noodle kicked some more of the garbage out of her way. As she just kicked some old landury out of her way a suffering croaking was heard. Noodle flinched when she saw poor Cortez jumping out from under the giant pile of clothes. Cortez flew and jumped around on the floor to get rid of a sock that covered his head. Noodle Kneeled down and picked up the bird in her arms. She pulled off the sock from Cortez head and he croaked and shook his head.

Noodle: Poor Birdy…

Murdoc: Ohh look! There was the little sod!

Noodle: How could you let Cortez drown in junk!?

Murdoc: Why would I care!? *hick*

Noodle: You're disgusting Murdoc-san!

Murdoc didn't care about the little girl and grabbed another beer bottle that stood on the table. He took a sip and groaned. Russel shook his head and looked around the room.

Russel: Man! This place looks like a junkyard!

Murdoc: I know! Nice right! Hehe…

Noodle: …

Russel then noticed a magazine on the floor. It wasn't just any magazine at all. It was a French fashion magazine! And who was on the cover together with two young girl models. 2D of course. He wore a dark blue outfit with the girls had small tiny dresses. It seemed to be some kind of summer collection or something like that. Russel onlt shook his head. He didn't know anything about fashion and that crap. He just thought that the black hat 2D wore didn't matched the pants he wore at all. He gave Noodle the magazine and looked at the bassist. Murdoc had just finished his beer bottle and threw it to the floor.

Russel: I thought you hated to see what D have become.

Murdoc: Of course I do!

Russel: Then why do you have Magazines with him in your Winnebago?

Murdoc: None of your bloody business!

Russel: If you miss him that much just call him.

Murdoc: I don't miss that dullard!

Russel: Yeah right! Is that why you glares at his picture all the time?

Murdoc: Shut up…

Russel spotted Murdoc's cell phone on the table. He grabbed it and looked at Murdoc who didn't seem to care at all.

Russel: You know if he changed his number?

Murdoc: *shook's his head*

Russel: Then call him!

Murdoc: I had already tried before and he just hangs up when he hears my voice.

Russel: I'm not surprised. But try!

Murdoc growled and grabbed the phone. He slowly typed in 2D's phone number and pressed on the green button. He waited a while as he heard the signal from the phone. Russel and Noodle looked at the bassist and waited. Murdoc glared back at them. Suddenly he heard the signal stop and a familiar voice he hadn't heard for a long time was heard on the line.

2D: Ello?

Murdoc: umm… It's Murdoc.

2D quickly hanged up. Murdoc growled and threw the phone hard into the floor. It didn't break at least.

Murdoc: SEE!?

Russel: *sighs*

Noodle picked up the phone and typed in 2D's number again. She then pressed the button and waited. She waited until 2D answered again.

2D: Let me be Murdoc!

Noodle: 2D-kun!? It's me!

2D: Noodle!? Oh god I'm sorry!

Noodle: 2D-kun… I miss you so much.

2D: Noodle. I'm so sorry. I miss you too.

Noodle: How is it in France?

2D: It's okay. How's it at Kong?

Noodle: It's Hor-

Murdoc: *take's the phone from Noodle's hands* Its great here Face ache! We're having a great time here you know, it's party time 24 hours at this place.

2D: Sounds nice for you then…

Noodle: *jumps up and down beside Murdoc* Don't listen to him 2D-kun! He's lying!

Murdoc: *push her away* as I said only parties. I bet there in France you can't do anything else than sit on your skinny ass and eat cheese and grapes!

2D: Actually. It's great here! I finally got some people around me who actually appreciate my work!

Murdoc: Oh really!?

2D: Yeah! And I really like it here! How's it going with the band?

Murdoc: It's going great!

2D: Really? You got a new singer yet?

Murdoc: We don't need a new bloody singer. In fact we don't need a singer at all! We're doing great without you!

2D: GOOD! Because I have never felt better in my whole life to get rid of you!

Murdoc: Look who's talking!

2D: Tell the other's I said "Hi"! HAVE A GREAT LIFE YOU BASTARD!



Murdoc: FINE!

2D and Murdoc hanged up at the same time. The both of them sighed and said together at the same time.

Murdoc & 2D: He doesn't even miss me…

Noodle and Russel blinked at the bassist. He sighed and crossed his arms.

Noodle: *sighs*

Russel: Don't worry baby girl. Things will be okay.

Murdoc: OH SHUT UP RUSSEL! You know that 2D will never come back! He's gone. HEY NOODS! You heard that? HE'S GONE FOREVER!


Noodle cried hard and ran out of the Winnebago. Russel sighed and rubbed his neck. Murdoc groaned and kicked some old clothes out of his way.

Murdoc: Sweet Satan that she has to be so sensitive!

Russel: Smart move man! You just had to do that didn't you!?

Murdoc: What?

Russel: Do you know how much baby girl misses D!? They're like siblings dammit! She's depressed without him!

Murdoc: Boohoo then…

Russel: You're incredible…

Russel noticed at least five more magazines on the floor that was almost the same as the other. There were French fashion magazines with 2D on the cover, all in different clothes. Russel walked up to them and picked them up. Murdoc flinched and glared at the drummer.

Murdoc: Let them be!

Russel: *drops them and shook's his head* Do as you wish with them.

Russel walked out of the Winnebago and left Murdoc alone. Murdoc glared at the Magazine with 2D on the cover of it. He picked it up and growled. Why had 2D left his band? Why had he left HIM? Murdoc threw the magazine on the floor again and stared up in the ceiling. He suddenly felt a pressure on his shoulder and looked up. It was Cortez who glared at him. Murdoc blinked at the bird.

Murdoc: What do you want?

Cortez: KRAHH!


Murdoc got up from the couch and chased Cortez around in the Winnebago. Wasn't it enough that 2D had left and his other band members were mad at him? Of course not, he just needed to have a bird teasing him all the fucking time.  Noodle cried hard as she ran down to 2D's room. She opened the door and then closed it hard with a slam. She pressed her teeth together and clutched her fists hard. She was sad, angry and heartbroken at the same time. The poor little Asian girl looked around the empty room and sobbed. There still were lots of 2D's things left but yet not. Noodle walked up to the singer's bed and crawled up in it. She hugged the pillow hard against her little chest and sobbed harder. The poor girl couldn't stand thinking about that her big brother was gone. It sure was a while ago since he left the grey and boring building but it didn't turned out better for that at all. Noodle closed her eyes and imaged a picture of the band singer. She saw every detail of him in her head. His deep and black hole eyes that always seemed to be filled with love. His toothless smile that both irritated and cheered people up all the time. The way he dressed and his way to act. His blue spiky hair that actually were kind of soft to touch and of course his voice. She could never forget how he sang or spoke to her. Noodle growled and threw the pillow on the floor and kicked it away. Then she stomped her foot into the floor and wall hard. She sobbed and pulled her hair. Why had he left? Was it her? Was it Murdoc or Russel? Was it the band? Or was it maybe the FAMILY? Noodle knew it was something between 2D and Murdoc that had started everything but still it maybe was something else. Noodle calmed down and sat down on the bed. Tears ran down her cheeks and dripped down in her lap. She didn't bother at all about it. She sobbed again and lifted up her heavy feeling head. She looked around the room a final time before she sighed quietly.

Noodle: Why… 2D-kun! WHY!

2D's eyes shot open just as if he had heard the little girl's words in his head. He blinked slowly and looked over at the balcony. The big balcony door's were open and showed him a beautiful view of Paris. 2D sat in his bed looking at some stupid pictures of a new collection he would pose for the next day. He lived in his own room in a special house for models together with a few other girls who also were models for the French fashion collection. 2D sighed and threw the pictures aside. This wasn't what he would have chosen at all but it was better than nothing. The singer quickly checked his cell phone if he maybe had got a new massage or something. When he saw that he hadn't got anything he frowned and put the phone into his pocket and walked out on the balcony instead. He picked up his pack of cigarettes and put one between his lips. He then lighted it with his lighter and inhaled the smoke from it. He sighed and looked out over the lighted up town. He could spot the Eiffel tower that was all lighted up in the night. He had to admit that it was a nice view to him. Still he thought that Big Ben in London was a little better than this. 2D took another deep puff from the cancer stick and stared up in the night sky. It was just as Paris lighted up, but by stars and not light. 2D sighed and thought about what the others did right now. He remembered that Murdoc had told him that they partied all the time since he left. 2D shook his head in anger. Why would he care anyway? He had left the band. He didn't need Murdoc to tell him what to do all the time. And he wouldn't stay here forever. After this stupid model job he would probably settle down somewhere else but not in France. He actually had grown tired of hearing those stupid French accents all the time and those model girls he always had to pose with. They were always shouting for makeup and screamed as fast as they broke a nail. 2D sighed deeply. He really missed Kong studios. He missed Noodle, Russel and most of all Murdoc. He knew that Murdoc didn't cared but still he did miss the green bassist. The singer finished his cigarette and walked back inside again. He sat down on the bed and checked his cell phone again. Maybe he should call them. 2D was just about to type in the number to Murdoc's cell phone when he suddenly stopped. He couldn't do it. He just couldn't! 2D laid the phone on the bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower before bed. As the singer took his hot and relaxing shower he got a message on the phone. It was from the guitarist who had sent the quick message. On the phone a message was showed and said with big letters. "PLEASE COME HOME 2D-KUN!"

Chapter 18 XD

Wow this story went very long I must say... Oh anyway ^^
Enjoy this chapter. The chapters will get longer later because the story will soon near it's end. But it will be a few more chapters of course. Maybe just a little bit longer. Anyway. enjoy! Of of course some more fun with cortez XD



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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