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The night slowly turned into morning. The sun rose over the hotel and the first one who woke up was the bassist. Murdoc hadn't got much sleep at all. He hadn't got any damn sleep at all since he came here! Murdoc groaned and rubbed his black messy hair. He rose from the bed and stretched a little. He could hear some small creaking sounds from his neck and he groaned deeply. Today it was only packing and driving on the bands list. Murdoc didn't bother to get dress or brush his teeth. He walked around in the room and started to collect his things that lay all over the floor. The room looked like a bomb had exploded in there. The bassist chuckled when he imaged the cleaner's expression when he or she saw the mess the bassist had left after him. Murdoc didn't have to bother so much about his clothes since he didn't changed clothes that often. And he now realized that he had felled asleep in his black jeans. He didn't care if he had worn them for almost three days in row now. It was how he wanted it to be. Murdoc looked around the room after collecting his clothes and other important things on the floor. He wanted to be sure that he hadn't forgotten anything. Just for being sure he looked under the bed too. The bassist kneeled down on the floor and lifted the blanket. He took a quick look under the bed and noticed anything special. But then his eyes stopped and stared at something that lay in the corner. It looked like a piece of clothing or something like that. The bassist stuck out his arm under the bed and tried to reach the cloth piece. He grabbed it and pulled it out. The bassist's face got a warm red color when he saw what it was. It was a pair of underwear, but not just anyone's underwear. It was 2D's underwear! It was the pair he had been wearing on that first night they got here. The first night they did it! The bassist dropped the light blue underwear to the floor with a quick move. He then shook his head and picked them up again. Murdoc then rose up from the floor and walked out of his hotel room. He then went to the singer's room next door. He didn't bother to knock at all. The singer's door seemed to be opened. Murdoc opened the door and walked in. He found the blue haired singer lay peacefully in his bed snoring quietly. This reminded the bassist of how he had woke up the singer before they went on this tour. Murdoc walked up to the bed and got closer to the singer. Murdoc gently pulled the blanket from the singer's head to see his face better. 2D always looked so innocent when he slept. Murdoc couldn't help but got a red color on his cheeks again. Then he quickly shook his head and growled. He got closer to the singer's face and yelled as high as he could.



Murdoc: Wake up! We have to get ready!

2D: *groans and rubs his head* W-What time is it?

Murdoc: Forget about that! Just get out of the bloody bed and start pack your bags!

The singer sat up confused in the bed and looked at the bassist. Murdoc only glared back at him before he turned and walked towards the door. But before he went out of the room he turned to the singer.

Murdoc: Umm… I believe that these belong to you.

The bassist threw the light blue underwear right into the singer's face. 2D flinched and grabbed them. He blinked a little and blushed. He remembered that he had been looking for them.

2D: F-Fanks…

Murdoc: Whatever… Hurry up and get ready Face ache!

Murdoc left the singer alone in his room. 2D got out from the bed and sighed. He looked at the underwear in his hand for a while before he threw them into a plastic bag were he put his dirty clothes and put in into his suit case. After that he went to the bathroom and washed off his face with some cold water. That was enough to wake him up better. 2D stared at his reflection for a long while before he let out a deep sigh and went to get dressed. Murdoc walked through the corridor to Russel's and Noodle's hotel room. He thought it was best that he woke up the whole band.  The bassist kicked the drummer's door wide open and stepped inside. Russel growled under the blanket and opened his white eyes. He wasn't happy at all. Murdoc glared at the drummer and yelled.


Russel: *Drags the blanket over his head again" Hnnggh… Go to hell man!


Russel groaned and rose up from the bed slowly. He glared at the bassist who already walked towards the door. Russel rubbed his neck and blinked slowly.

Russel: You woke up D yet?

Murdoc: Huh? Yeah, He's awake.

Russel: You apologized to him?

Murdoc: *glares at him* For what!?

Russel: For you being an ass to him all the time!

Murdoc: Like hell I would! Now pack your bags!

The bassist growled and walked out of the room. Russel sighed and shook his head. He then picked up his bags and laid them on the bed. He had already started packing a little yesterday so it wouldn't be so much strain in the morning. And it was good that the drummer had thought about that since it seemed to get worse soon. He knew that Murdoc were going to wake up Noodle next. Maybe it should be safer if he closed the door. The drummer listened to his mind and walked up to the door. He gentle closed it and almost waited for the whole madness to start. Murdoc walked into the sleeping Asian girl's room and started yelling like crazy. Noodle jumped in shock and sat up in her bed. Then the same thing happened like for a couple of days ago when Murdoc had woke her up when they were going on the tour. Noodle jumped out of the bed and barked like a dog and chased the bassist out of her room. Murdoc quickly got out and closed the door after him. He really hoped that Noodle would get rid of these bad morning moods soon. He heard Noodle yelling high inside her room in anger. Murdoc rolled his eyes and walked back to his room. Noodle stuck out her head from her room and looked around. Her hair was messy and she had her pajamas on. She looked like she hadn't slept for over a month. Russel came out from his room to check if the coast was clear. When he saw Noodle he flinched a little.

Russel: God Baby girl!

Noodle: What…?

Russel: Looks like you didn't get any sleep last night.

Noodle: I didn't…

Russel: You can sleep in the car on the way.

Noodle: …

Noodle groaned and walked back into her room. Russel sighed and went to the living room. He sat down and turned on the TV. Since he already were done with his packing he could just chill for a while until the others were done. Noodle had some problem with packing all of her clothes back into the suitcase again. She just threw them all down all messy into the suitcase and jumped on it to make it close itself. She growled with every jumped she took. She was too tired to even care about what she did right now. When the suitcase was closed she slowly walked into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and stuck it into her mouth. She started brushing her teeth quickly and then spit it out in the sink. She gave her reflection a wide smiled before she walked back into her room again. She grabbed her heavy suitcase and walked out of the room. She left the suitcase outside her door and walked into the living room were Russel watched TV. She sat down on the couch beside him and started to swing her legs back and forth. Russel turned his head and looked at her.

Russel: How you doing now baby girl?

Noodle: Better…

Russel: Okay.

Noodle: You think that Murdoc-san will calm down soon?

Russel: I don't care anymore.

Noodle: You don't?

Russel: Nope. If they wanna kill each other so badly they got it.

Noodle: *blinks at him* I don't want them to kill each other!

Russel: Calm down baby girl! I don't think they will "kill" each other. They'll maybe just fight like crazy forever.

Noodle: Sometimes they're pathetic.

Russel: I know…

Russel and Noodle went all quiet when 2D entered the room. They looked at the TV-screen and pretended like they didn't saw him at first. 2D looked at them without a word and walked over to the other couch and sat down.  He broke the silence after a while.

2D: What's wrong?

Russel: *looks at him* Nothing D.

Noodle: We just talked about the other shows.

2D: Okay.

Murdoc: Alright! Grab your bags!

The others groaned and rose up from their seats. Murdoc tapped his foot into the floor in irritation as he waited for them to hurry up. Russel grabbed his bags and waited for Noodle who dragged her bag after her. 2D was already behind Murdoc. They hurried up to the elevator and went down to the lobby. 2D, Noodle and Russel waited when Murdoc checked out. 2D sighed deeply, Russel yawned and Noodle played with her Tamagotchi. It didn't take long before Murdoc was done and the band thanked the hotel personal and went out to the car. They all put their bags into the boot cover. Murdoc was sure that El Diablo got lot of space from the others bags. Soon they all stepped into the car and were ready to go. Noodle rested her head against the car window and soon fell asleep. The others actually wondered where all of her energy had gone. Russel listened to music and pulled his cap over his eyes. Murdoc and 2D sat all silent in the front seat. Now they were on their way to the next spot. 2D didn't felt like doing it at all. He wanted to go back home. This tour hadn't start well at all and it felt like it would end in the same way but much worse. 2D looked at the bassist who didn't seem to care at all.

2D: Muds?

Murdoc: What…

2D: What time is it?

Murdoc: 05:47 am Face ache.

2D: *sighs*

Murdoc: What's wrong with you?

2D: Nofing…

Murdoc: Then shut up!

2D sighed and looked out through the car window. He wanted to go back home. The singer turned to the bassist again. Maybe he should talk to Murdoc about the whole thing between them. Russel and Noodle were busy with their own stuff so they maybe wouldn't hear anything. 2D inhaled a deep breath.

2D: M-Muds?

Murdoc: WHAT!?

2D: Nofink…

Chapter 16.

I must say this story went very long... It will be much more chapters believe me XD
Lucky that I love to write. Soon the others will know the secret between Murdoc and 2D. Enjoy.



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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