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The morning after was horrible. It was like everyone had a hangover. Well at least Murdoc had a real hang over. He always drank so much. The others wondered if he's organs had started to rot by this time. Russel had spent the whole last day on his room talking to Del. His best friend could always help him with problems and cheer him up. Russel missed the time when his friend still lived. Noodle had sleep so bad that she almost couldn't keep her eyes open. 2D had lots of problem with keeping himself calm. He had spent the half night to clean up the blood after Murdoc's and Therese's fight. (Little too dramatic eh?). None of them said anything at the breakfast table. They didn't even say good morning to each other. The band had their last concert tonight on this place before they would keep going. The four band members sat all quiet and ate their breakfast slowly. Suddenly the silence broke when Noodle noticed a scratch on Murdoc's cheek. It was from where Therese had hit him. She asked him what had happen but Murdoc glared back at her without saying a word. Noodle slowly ate from her bowl with blueberry yoghurt and shrugged. She didn't wanted to go too far so she stayed quiet. 2D almost didn't eat anything at all. He just sat on his spot and sighed. Russel glared at them both. He hoped that the singer and the bassist hadn't fought again. But he felt just like Noodle to stay quiet and ignore it. Murdoc growled at 2D and the singer flinched. 2D then rose from his seat and walked away. Murdoc suddenly rose up with a quick move and glared at the singer.

Murdoc: Now where the hell are you going!?

2D: Why do you care?

Murdoc: *growls at him*

Russel: Goddamn it! Don't pick up another fight!

Noodle: You don't do anything else!


Russel: You're on crack man.

Murdoc: Like hell I am!

Noodle: 2D-kun?

2D: Sorry! But I can't stay here!

Murdoc: Oh yeah! Just go and fuck that little slut again!

2D: What!?

Murdoc: DO IT! I bet she misses you!

Russel: What the hell are ya two talking about!?

Noodle: Is it about Jill-Chan?

Russel: Jill? Who's that?

Murdoc: Just a slut 2D know!

2D: Jill is not a slut!

Murdoc: Oh yeah!? And what about that bitch Therese!?


Murdoc & 2D: What!?

Russel: Have you two been fighting all this time over some girls!?

Noodle: Maybe Murdoc-san likes Jill too.

Murdoc: *turns and glares at her* LIKE HELL I DO!


2D: I'm out of here!

Murdoc: YOU STAY!



Russel: Oh man!

2D just ignored the bassist and walked towards the door again. Murdoc then ran up behind the singer and grabbed him around the waist. 2D yelled out in anger and tried to get out from his grip. Murdoc didn't let go of him and threw him on the floor. Noodle and Russel quickly walked up to them to be sure that they wouldn't pick up a fight. 2D glared at the bassist with angry eyes. 2D now soon had enough of how Murdoc acted. He didn't own him at all. 2D was about to rose up again when suddenly Murdoc kicked him back down with his foot. 2D hit the floor again and groaned on pain. Russel walked up to Murdoc and hit him in the head. Murdoc backed up and rubbed his head as he groaned at the same time. Noodle ran up to 2D and helped him up on his feet. Murdoc glared at his band with an angry expression. His sharp teeth were showing and he looked like he should kill them in any second. Murdoc then suddenly yelled so high that the others had to cover their ears.


2D, Noodle and Russel stared at Murdoc with wide eyes. Murdoc was panting heavily and his eyes were glowing from evil. Russel and Noodle really thought he was sick, or at least went on some kind of drug. Murdoc rubbed his head and calmed down a bit. 2D blinked slowly and rubbed his blue hair.

2D: So you want us to practice this whole day then?


After the fight at the breakfast had Murdoc made sure that everyone had stayed at the top floor for the whole day. None of them had said a thing or even touch their instruments. It was quite wired they thought. Why was Murdoc so mad all of a sudden? 2D, Noodle and Russel were now sitting in the couch in the living room watching TV. Murdoc was on the balcony smoking and drinking a bottle of Vodka. Where did he get all the alcohol any way? Russel tapped his fingers on his knee and tried to hide his irritation. Noodle played a little with her Tamagotchi. She had forgotten to feed it and it needed attention and food fast. 2D sighed tapped his feet into the floor. He really wanted to be somewhere else right now. He was a little mad at Murdoc too. About the horror that happened yesterday night had made him mad too. Therese had deserved that from Murdoc but still 2D was mad that Murdoc had got mad at him. 2D hadn't done anything at all. He didn't like Therese at all. 2D suddenly woke up from his thoughts when Russel tapped him on the shoulder. 2D quickly turned his face and looked at the drummer.

Russel: D, I'm getting tired of all this crap! What the hell is going on! I want you to tell us now!

Noodle: *put's her Tamagotchi back into her pocket* I want to know too!

2D: Umm…

Russel: Tell us man!

2D: Muds just fought with a girl yesterday night…

Russel: Fought with a chick?

Noodle: Jill!?

Russel: Who is Jill!?

Noodle: A nice girl 2D-kun met before. She has nice friends.

Russel: *sighs* So it is a girl problem?

2D: No it's not!

Russel: Then what the hell is it!?

2D: *sighs* It's-

Murdoc: Alright Jerks! Get ready!

Russel: *sighs and face palm*

Noodle: For what?

Murdoc The show you twerps!

The band now realized that it was already time for the concert. The time really flew by fast. Murdoc growled at them all and waited for them to rose up from the couch and get moving. Russel got up from the couch and glared at the Bassist with his with eyes. Murdoc ignored it and glared at the others. 2D quickly got off the couch to and tried not to face the bassist. The three band members now looked at the little Asian girl that gave her Tamagotchi one last check before she quickly jumped off the couch and smiled at them all. The bassist shook his head and walked out of the room with the others after him. They all had already changed clothes and fixed their selves a little. This was the last concert on this stage and Murdoc wanted them all to do their best or he would kill them. The others rolled their eyes and listened to the bassists yelling. They all stayed quiet when they went down with the elevator. Murdoc for some strange reason glared at all his band members. It went worse with that when the stood behind stage. Murdoc inspected his band to make sure that they all looked fine. When he came around 2D he quickly grabbed his arm and glared at his finger nails. 2D pulled his arm back and glared at the bassist in anger. 2D had washed off the nail polish so the Bassist wouldn't complain again. Murdoc then walked off and grabbed El Diablo. He played a little on the strings to get closer to the bass. Russel rubbed his neck and took a deep breath. He had been a little tired lately. Noodle jumped off and grabbed her guitar as usual. She sat down and tweedled a little on the strings. She never really needed to practice at all but it always felt good to warm up a little. Russel sat down behind the drums and grabbed the drumsticks. Then he started spin them around with his fingers. He used to do that before they went out on stage. 2D grabbed the mic and sighed. He wasn't in the singing mood at all. But he knew that if he didn't sing he would ruin everything for everyone. He carefully looked at Murdoc who stood beside him. Murdoc just ignored him and took a better grip around El Diablo. 2D sighed and grabbed the mic harder. Noodle jumped up from her seat and ran up beside 2D. She was ready for a new big show. It was now time for the band to get on stage. The crowd yelled out high and applauded. The band looked out over the big wave of fans. It somehow felt that it was more people than usual. Russel tapped his drumsticks together four times before he started with the drums. After came Noodle and Murdoc with the guitar and bass. 2D then took a deep breath and started sing. When the fans heard his voice they screamed higher and clapped their hands together. Noodle jumped around on the stage with her guitar and Murdoc stood all still on the spot. He looked quite serious when he played at first. Russel was great behind the drums and really got some amazing feeling in it too. 2D sang his best this evening. It was just as Murdoc wanted it. He wanted them to show the world that they really were the biggest band in the world! And so it turned out. The band made an amazing show for everyone. Gorillaz WAS the best band in the world!

After a long concert with singing, playing and screaming fans the band was finally done. The band had thanked the whole crowed for coming to the concerts and listening to their music. Soon the band left the stage and the crowd yelled out the band's name and applauded. 2D panted heavily after all the singing. He was used to be tired after shows. Murdoc walked behind him with El Diablo in his right hand. His neck was hurting him a little. Noodle and Russel walked after slowly. Noodle yawned but wasn't that tired today. She had the energy to meet some fans this time. Russel was awake as usual. He was glad that he hadn't fallen asleep behind the drums as he had done some times on some other shows. The band had the time for the screaming fans and was ready to take some photos and autographs. Many of their fans "mostly teenage girls" ran up to the band and asked for autographs. They were waving with their pink and black blocks in front of the band members faces and yelled out so loud that none of the band members could hear what they were saying. Soon the band had written many autographs to their fans and took some pictures. They finally got the chance to get back to the hotel. The band went through the lobby towards the elevator. They pressed the button and stepped inside. They were all tired and wanted to get some rest. 2D rubbed his blue spiky hair and groaned a bit. Murdoc had El Diablo on his back and wanted to be sure that none of the other's got near it. Noodle yawned and felt her head get heavy. She almost felled asleep standing up. Russel sighed and rested himself against the elevator wall. They all thought it would be great with some sleep. When they arrived at the top floor Noodle and Russel went to the left to get back to their rooms. Murdoc and 2D's rooms were on the right side. When they came around their rooms a girl waited outside 2D's door. It was Jill. When she saw 2D she smiled and walked up to him. Murdoc stopped and stared at them. They didn't seem to matter him at all. 2D smiled at Jill and she grabbed his hand. Murdoc felt anger grew inside him. How dare that bitch even touch him he thought? 2D could see that Jill looked a bit sad for the moment.

2D: What's wrong Jill?

Jill: I came here to say…

2D: What?

Jill:  My friends and I will leave tomorrow.

2D: Oh…yeah… We will leave too. This was our last concert here.

Jill: I would really like to stay here and be with you a bit more. I had such a great time with you here. And I can't believe that we had so much nice time together. I never knew that you could ever like me.

2D: Jill. I had a wonderful time with you too.

Jill: I guess that you are kind of used to it. I mean, you must hang out with lot of girls since you are so famous.

2D: Actually no.

Jill: Huh?

2D: I haven't been with so many girls at all. And I don't usually bring girls with me at all. But you are special.

Jill: Y-You really mean that?

2D: Jill-

Jill: No… Don't say anything more.

2D: *looks at her with a confused look*

Jill looked up at 2D and put her hands on his shoulders. Then she made her way up to his face and kissed him on the lips. Murdoc growled and walked up them. How they hell could 2D let her do that to him.

Murdoc: And what the hell are you two doing!?

2D & Jill: *Jumps in shock*

Murdoc: *glares at them* Well?

2D: Muds! Don't scare us like that!

Murdoc: Like I would care!

Jill: Murdoc? You're the bassist! Hi nice to meet you! I'm Jill! *reaches out her hand*

Murdoc: *Glares at her*

Jill: *takes her hand back* Oh…

2D: Don't mind him Jill.

Jill: Oh 2D. Here! It's my number. Please call me when you have time.

Jill gave the singer a little note with her number. He took it and thanked her. He promised that he would call her later after the tour. She nodded and passed by Murdoc. He growled at her as she walked by. In the middle of the corridor she turned around and blew an air-kiss at the singer. 2D smiled and "caught" the kiss in his hand and then put it in his pocket. Jill giggled at 2D's little act, She then walked away and left the two band member's alone in the corridor. 2D smiled a little. He was going to miss her. She was a great girl and he saw her as his friend. 2D felt the bassist's glare and turned to him. Murdoc glared at 2D with angry eyes.

2D: What?

Murdoc: You better not call that bitch!

2D: Jill is not a bitch! She's my friend!

Murdoc: Oh really!?

2D: Yeah!

Murdoc: Is that why you let her kiss you!?

2D: Why do you even care!?

Murdoc: I don't!

2D: Yes you do!

Murdoc: SHUT UP!

2D: Like hell I would!

Murdoc: You better shut up or I kill you!



Murdoc ran up to the singer and tackled him to the floor. 2D yelled out in fear and tried to push the bassist of him. Murdoc now almost hit 2D in the face but got stopped by a familiar drummer. Russel dragged them both up from the floor and glared at them.

Russel: THAT'S IT! Do you guys know how damn hard it is to sleep when you two have to fight the whole mother fucking time!?

Murdoc: Let go you Fat ass!

Russel: SHUT UP YOU JERK! Now you two forget about this crap and get some sleep. We have to get up early tomorrow and get ready for the next place we will go to!

Murdoc: OI! I'm the one who's supposed to yell that into your faces!

Russel: LIKE I CARE MAN! Now shut up both of you and get some sleep! Man I feel like a mother!

Murdoc: Yeah. Everything that misses is a dress and a rolling pin!

Russel: SHUT IT! What's wrong with you two!? I'm getting tired of asking the same mother fucking question all over!

2D: There's nofing wrong at all!

Russel: Like hell I would believe that man! Fine I don't care what the hell you two will do anymore! Kill each other if you need to! NIGHT!

With that the drummer walked away all pissed and tired of the bassist and the singer. He had enough of it all and couldn't stand it anymore. He was sure that Noodle was sick of it too. Russel walked back to his room and slammed the door shut. The large slam made Noodle woke up from her deep slumber. She sat up in her bed and listened carefully. Then she realized that the boys had fought again. She yawned and went back to her sweet dreams. Back in the corridor stood 2D and Murdoc. They looked at each other without saying a word. Soon Murdoc growled and walked into his room. He slammed the door shut to and 2D glared after him. He now felt anger race inside him. Murdoc was a real jerk. But still 2D couldn't kill the feeling that he wanted to get closer to the bassist. All he wanted was the bassist to like him better and at least talk to him without insult him or hit him. 2D walked back into his room and undressed himself. He then walked up to the big and soft bed and crawled up under the blanket. He just wanted to get some sleep now. This had been a weird and crazy tour start he thought. 2D sighed and snuggled himself into the soft pillow. Tomorrow they would keep going on their tour and go to some other place he had already forgotten. As 2D snuggled his face into the pillow he thought about snuggle himself into Murdoc's chest.

Now chapter 15^^

As you see... Fights and stuff... Sorry if it's getting boring but it will be better later I promise you that! Anyway. Enjoy the chapter as much as you can. If you don't like 2DXMuds, Don't read... Enjoy



gorillaz (c) hewlett & albarn
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